Chigwell school puts pupils' baking skills to the test


One of the efforts submitted as part of the Great West Hatch Bake Off, a competition in which almost 100 pupils took part. - Credit: West Hatch High School

A Chigwell school has kept the competitive spirit alive during lockdown by putting pupils' baking skills to the test.

Almost 100 pupils from the school's five houses - Austen, Brunel, Fiennes, Newton and Roddick - took part in the Great West Hatch Bake Off in the hope of securing house points.

Beyond vying for points, staff feel it's important to offer alternatives to conventional lessons.


The first weekly competition at the Chigwell school ended in a draw between the Austen and Brunel houses. - Credit: West Hatch High School

With this the first of weekly competitions between pupils, the Bake Off - which ended in a tie between Austen and Brunel - was a huge success.

Student wellbeing co-ordinator Tom McGarr said: “The hope is that the competitions will bring families together at the same time, whilst also enabling students to learn about different coping strategies through difficult times.


The competition saw 400 points be awarded to the school's five houses, which will become rewards when pupils return to school. - Credit: West Hatch High School

"Other competitions to come will see exercise, science, cooking and many more skills developed.”

Next up is an Art Attack challenge.