CBBC character Sportacus teaches Redbridge children how to keep fit

Redbridge children are being shown how to keep healthy by an athletic television character for National Obesity Week.

Sportacus, from CBBC’s Lazy Town, has been leaping into schools across the borough to talk to pupils about healthy eating and keeping fit.

On Friday he delighted the audience at the Peabody Children’s Centre in Ilford with leaps and somersaults.

Played by show creator Magn�s Scheving, ‘Sportacus’ teaches children how to play games and sports and battles the evil Robbie Rotten from making the town lazy.

His visits last week were part of a North East London NHS Foundation Trust and Vision health drive ahead of National Obesity Week this week.

Children were given sticker charts to monitor what fruit and vegetables they eat and how much time they spend exercising.