Bollywood Academy in Newbury Park opens its doors

Aspiring Bollywood stars rubbed shoulders with celebrities as a dance academy hosted a special open day on Sunday.

Honey’s Dance Academy, Eastern Avenue, Newbury Park, invited special guests including Bhangra music star, Hartinder Dhami and Deana Uppal, the current Miss India and Big Brother contestant.

The pair addressed the crowd, cut the ribbon and presented a number of Bollywood Qualification awards.

They also joined members of the public and students in a Bollywood workshop, tutored by founder of the academy, Honey Kalaria.

Miss Kalaria, said: “It is wonderful to have successful role models such as H Dhami and Deana showing their support and sharing inspiring words to encourage the future stars of tomorrow.

“Our aim at HDA is to transform people’s lives in a positive way through offering accredited Bollywood courses, opening up lifetime opportunities and mentoring talented individuals to maximise their true potential.”

For more information on courses at the academy please visit or call 078 5087 5087.