Barkingside school welcomes children from Sweden, Germany and Wales

Primary school pupils welcomed children from Germany, Sweden and Wales to Barkingside last week.

Fullwood Primary School, in Burford Close, is taking part in the Comenius programme, which invites schools from three countries to visit and learn from each other.

The children, between the ages of nine and 12, showed the visitors around with a local quiz on the Monday before sightseeing in London and seeing a West End musical on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, pupils from all three countries went on a trip to Wales together, where they kayaked and played games.

Deputy headteacher Gary Rawlings said the aim of the programme is to introduce the children to other cultures.

He added: “It’s always slow at the beginning and for a while they stuck together but by the end of the week they were really mixing and smiling at each other.

“Some of them made good friends they were sad to see leave.

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“It’s a pleasure to be involved with it. It’s unusual for children that age to travel and flying and everything is so exciting for them.”

Children from Fullwood Primary visited partner schools in Hoganas, Sweden, last year and a trip to Berlin is planned for April.