Balloons in memory of tragic Rahul

The family of a boy who died of meningitis has praised his former classmates for keeping his memory alive.

Oaks Park High students launched more than 300 balloons into the sky above Redbridge in memory of Rahul Chauhan who died aged 13 after a short battle with the disease two years ago.

Rahul’s mother Nita said pupils at the school in Oaks Lane, Newbury Park, never failed to amaze her with their support.

“At the assembly held before the balloon release we were all in tears.

“It’s so nice to know they have not forgotten Rahul, and the school make us feel we are not alone in missing him.

“The school and pupils there overwhelm us with their dedication to fundraising for meningitis.”

The school has raised more than �2,500 for meningitis awareness in the past year. The balloon release alone brought in �650. Pupils donated 50p each to buy one.

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Some wrote personal messages on the balloons before letting go of them in a field behind the school.

Rahul’s former head of year, Craig Foster, said: “It was a very poignant moment and some students were emotional in the assembly we held for him before the balloon release.

“Rahul was such a lively and chirpy student. He was so popular.

“The school was so shocked when he died two years ago. He was in on the Thursday and by Friday he had passed away, so this is also about teaching young people the mourning process.”

Last year, pupils hosted their own version of the football World Cup in memory of him, and others took part in a 10,000-metre run to raise money for charity.