‘Driver showed no remorse’: Young mother’s life ‘ruined’ after being hit by car in Chadwell Heath

The car after hitting the wall in Chadwell Heath Lane.

The car after hitting the wall in Chadwell Heath Lane. - Credit: Archant

A young mother says her life has been ruined and her three children taken into care after she suffered life-long injuries when a car collided with her, knocking her through a brick wall.

Carina Murray with the frame on her leg following the accident.

Carina Murray with the frame on her leg following the accident. - Credit: Archant

Carina Murray, 34, has spent the past two-and-a-half months in hospital after she was hit by a car in Chadwell Heath Lane.

Carina Murray following the accident.

Carina Murray following the accident. - Credit: Archant

It had been in collision with an empty school bus.

The mother-of-three suffered multiple leg fractures as well as significant muscle loss in her calf.

Miss Murray, who now needs the use of a wheelchair to get around, said: “The driver of the car has ruined my, and my children’s, lives. I’ve got a long battle ahead of me and it is likely I will have life-long problems.

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“I remember it was a lovely morning and I was walking to meet my daughter at her college. I saw a flash of light behind me, and then felt the force of a car throw me into the air and push me into the wall.”

She added: “The driver showed no remorse. I would like some answers from him as to why he didn’t come over to check if I was alive or attempt to apologise.”

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Miss Murray’s son and daughter have been put into temporary foster care, as she is unable to take care of them because of her injuries.

Miss Murray, of Dagenham, who was taking part in an internship in the city after training as a law secretary, said: “I was conscious throughout and remember people rushing over. A man held my hand and I begged him not to leave me alone.

“I feel so angry about what has happened, this person has disrupted my entire life just because he wanted to get to wherever he was going quicker.”

The Recorder approached the police for information as to whether anyone had been arrested over the incident, but they failed to respond before we went to press.

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