Driver ‘incensed’ over row with traffic warden

Lawrence Handworker with letters he has received from the council

Lawrence Handworker with letters he has received from the council - Credit: Archant

An ‘incensed’ Woodford Green resident has accused a Redbridge Council parking warden of telling ‘outright lies’ over the issuing of a parking ticket and is demanding an apology.

Accountant Lawrence Handworker of Kings Avenue, parked his car on Ethelbert Gardens, Gants Hill on November 29.

He claims he paid £1.32 for parking via ‘RingGo’, a cashless payment system done via a mobile phone.

“I was there to see a client and have parked there quite a few times in the past, and the last few times I used RingGo,” he said. “I paid at 12pm and received two notifications by text. I saw a traffic warden put a ticket on my car that said 12.03pm. “I showed him my confirmation which was proof I’d paid but he got flustered and said it was too late to retract it and I needed to take it up with the council, then he drove off without giving me the ticket.”

On December 5 Mr Handworker said he received the £60 parking fine from the council along with a letter accusing him of driving off before the traffic warden could issue the ticket.

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“I’m completely incensed,” he added.

“That was an outright lie from that enforcement officer and it’s completely outrageous.

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“He acted unlawfully, I want him sacked and I want the council to be more scrupulous over who they employ. Residents should be protected from people like him who are obviously getting away with murder.

“I don’t care about the fine, I know I won’t pay it as I have proof I paid the charge before I was given the ticket, but it’s the behaviour of the warden that has completely incensed me. I’m so angry.”

A Redbridge Council spokesman said: “The Council has received an appeal on this matter and therefore, as with any appeal, there will be a thorough investigation. We are restricted as to how much we can say until this investigation has concluded. We would point out that we work with our contractors to ensure that officers are trained to enforce parking and other road restrictions fairly and politely. We encourage residents to appeal penalty notices they feel they have received unfairly and we are happy to cancel penalty notices if a genuine mistake has been made.”

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