Dog left needing surgery after suspected pit bull attack in Barkingside

Dog walkers in Fairlop Waters Country Park are on the lookout for a suspected pit bull cross which left a cocker spaniel needing life saving surgery yesterday.

Two-year-old Sasha suffered puncture wounds to the stomach and was “bleeding severely” following the attack on the golf course of the park in Forest Road, Barkingside.

Owner Leanne Latty, who was also bitten, took her to PDSA Pet Hospital in Woodford Bridge Road, Redbridge where she received four hours of treatment.

Describing the incident Miss Latty of Barkingsidesaid: “I was on my way back home when an owner of what looked like a pit bull cross shouted asking if my dog was a girl.

“When I replied yes he let his dog off and it chased Sasha in circles before grabbing her by the stomach.

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“I was terrified and screaming to get it off but it wouldn’t let go.

“We removed it after help from a golfer and Sasha’s intestines were hanging out due to two large puncture wounds.”

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Sasha had surgery to reattach her diaphragm to her ribs and to repair some major organs and Miss Latty has been told by vets it is “touch and go” whether she will survive.

Miss Latty had a tetanus jab and is taking antibiotics after suffering bites on her hands.

The golfer who helped was Edward Hulbert of Fencepiece Road, who was alerted after he heard “hysterical screaming”.

“When I got there a little cocker spaniel was being savaged,” he said.

“The dog was still alive but it was horrific and it really has upset me.

“The man just legged it, he didn’t care and I don’t want him to get away with this.”

Mr Hulbert followed him to Aldborough Hatch where he ran off into one of the houses.

The 62-year-old said he was Asian, about 5ft 8in and was bald with a tuft of hair at the front.

The dog is described as a light brown and white speckled colour and is believed to be called Major.

On Saturday a Yorkshire Terrier died after being attacked by a Rottweiler in Clayhall Park.

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