Do you want to live longer? Move to Clayhall or Valentines wards

If you want to live longer it might be best to move to either Clayhall or Valentines wards, which have the highest life expectancy.

Redbridge men and women have continued to show a year-on-year improvement in life expectancy with men reaching an average age of 79.5 years and 83.3 years for women, according to the latest Redbridge public health report for 2012/2013.

Though Redbridge women experience a better life expectancy overall than men, the gap at birth has narrowed from five years in 1999-2001 to 3.7 years in 2008-2010 – a significant change compared with 4.3 years and below for London and England.

However, there is a large difference in life expectancy depending on which part of Redbridge you live in.

Both men and women die at a younger age in Loxford compared with any other ward, whereas men live the longest until an average of 83.7 years in Clayhall and women until 86.3 in Valentines.

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