‘Diseased tree’ in Ilford is costing hundreds to repair but cannot be removed

A “diseased tree”, which has cost the council �750 since 2001, is a waste of money a resident has claimed.

David Miller, of Exeter Gardens, Ilford, is unhappy with the condition of the purple plum tree outside his home and claims it would be safer and more cost effective for the council to remove it.

He said: “The footway is cracking up from the tree’s roots and repairs could not be done properly for fear of damaging the roots, which would make it unstable. It will no doubt require repair yet again, with more costs to Redbridge residents.”

A council spokesman said: “The tree was last inspected on April 2 and it was noted that the tree was leaning and that there was some decay.

“However, it was considered that these were minor defects and it did not require major pruning or removal work to maintain the safety of the highway. The council has a policy that limits the removal of trees and as the tree is not considered structurally unsound, we are not in a position to remove it.”

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The total cost for pruning the tree since 2001 is �289.51 and a further �463 was spent on the footpath and repairs.

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