Did your dog go missing around Boxing Day? Appeal to find owner of animal hit by car in Hainault

An appeal is being made to find the owners of a Yorkshire terrier hit by a car in Hainault on Boxing Day.

The dog, described as small and brown, was struck on the Lambourne End side of Hainault Forest.

The daughter of Fairlop ward Cllr Joyce Ryan saw the accident.

Cllr Ryan said: “The Yorkie ran into the road and got knocked down in front of some people.

“My daughter scooped it up and put it in her boot and wrapped it in a towel.

“We were trying to find somewhere to take the animal. We got through to the PDSA at Bow.”

The dog, which is now said to be doing well, was microchipped.

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“He was very clean,” said Cllr Ryan. “Obviously he had come from around that area, but no one came forward.”

She added: “When we got to Bow, my daughter and I were both crying.”

The driver of the car which hit the animal was said to be “distraught”.

The accident happened on Boxing Day – a Thursday – some time between 1pm and 2pm.

If you think you know the identity of the dog’s owner, call the PDSA hospital in Bow on 020 8980 5011.