Derelict Clayhall pub attracting squatters, say residents

A Grade II listed pub, which has been left in a “depressing” state by its owners after being derelict for two years, is unlikely to re-open as the council steps in to get it cleaned up.

The Doctor Johnson pub in Longwood Gardens, Clayhall is causing nearby residents concern because it has been left in a state of disrepair attracting squatters and litter.

Retired couple Roger and Angela Norwood, of Rushden Gardens, Clayhall, who believe the pub is a “health-risk”, have been in touch with the council in a bid to improve the situation.

Mrs Norwood said: “We live five doors away from the pub and the situation is really terrible. It is a very depressing sight to behold and it is such a waste of the limited space in Redbridge.”

She added: “The interior has been vandalised by squatters, weeds are growing up around the building and broken bottles and litter have accumulated everywhere.

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“It’s an absolute disgrace in a high density residential area, especially for visitors who will be staying in Redbridge for the Olympics.

“If it is allowed to deteriorate any further it would not be a viable proposition to repair and refurbish.”

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A Redbridge Council spokesman said: “We are aware of this issue and will be contacting the landlords and requesting that the land be cleared to a litter free condition.

“In the meantime we are organising a cleansing team to clear the broken glass.”

The council has not been made aware of any plans to reopen the pub though the licence remains active.

Ilford North MP Lee Scott added: “I hope that the power of the council will make the owners uphold their duty and I will continue to support residents to get this resolved while they await to see what is proposed for the site.”

Owners of the site, Spirit Pub Company, said they were reviewing their options but it was unlikely the site would reopen.

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