Deputy Redbridge Council leader battling to get home from US after cruise ship caught in Hurricane Sandy

The deputy leader of Redbridge Council is trying to find his way home after being caught in Hurricane Sandy during a cruise with his elderly mother.

Cllr Ian Bond watched the storm wreak havoc in Boston from the safety of the large ship moored in the harbour on Monday.

On Twitter, he said: “On ship being held to dock wall by tugs at full power; half the passengers have deserted the trip as Hurricane Sandy rages by.”

Despite concerns over power and transport in New York, the cruise continued to the city on Tuesday but found the port closed to all shipping.

High winds, rain and storm surges left parts of the city impassable with flooded roads, subway tunnels, debris and destroyed buildings.

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Cllr Bond, who was due to come home on Friday, said the cruise ship has been diverted to South Carolina - more than 700 miles away.

He added: “Right now I am trying to find a way for us to get home.

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“The only consolation is that right down there it will be hot and sunny.”

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