Dead python found by tot in Clayhall park

�A decomposing five foot python gave a 15-month-old baby and her mother a Sunday stroll they will struggle to forget.

The rotting reptile was spotted by Melanie Philips and her daughter Isabelle in Claybury Park as they cut through the park to visit Melanie’s parents.

“I was walking near the lake and saw my daughter edging towards what looked like a a pile of white and yellow clothes.

“Looking at it closer I realised it was a large rotting snake. It’s lucky I’m quicker than her,” she added.

The snake was �removed by park wardens on Monday �following a complaint made on Saturday.

An RSPCA spokesman said it appeared that the snake had been a dead pet and the owner was �unable to dispose of the body.

“The snake was found half in and half out of a pond in the park. A black bin liner was lying nearby.

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“There was only a small amount of skin left on the snake, which �appeared to be yellow, so it could have been a �royal python.

“It is possible that the snake was a pet and after it died, they put the body in the park. Pet owners should contact the local authority if they have problems disposing of an animal’s body.”

Barry Green, who also saw the snake, stopped his dog approaching the carcass. “It was covered in flies. I went as near as I felt comfortable to so I could get the picture.”

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