'Take time to reflect and be grateful as world changes amid pandemic'

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More people are continuing to work from home post-pandemic - Credit: PA

The world of work has changed beyond description in the last 18 months.

For some of us who were fortunate to be able to work from home or work remotely, we are navigating a brand-new world of work, priorities and family-life balance.

It is also essential to mention that many companies are contemplating a world of hybrid, which is a few days in the office and other days at home.

The benefit for employees is less travel, more time with family and less expenditure.

However, there are still several impacts and we are not sure how it could affect us long term. In many senses, when we used to travel to work, there was a clear boundary. It allows us to take time to switch off and transition to something different.

Assistant Pastor Daniel Shillingford has realised we all need to slow down.

Daniel Shillingford practises silence and solitude - Credit: Archant

I believe there is an answer for us from the life of Jesus that will keep us in good stead for the new world of work.

He frequently practised something biblical scholars called silence and solitude. I believe this practice has become more and more essential in an over-busy, digitally-distracted world.

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According to the gospel, Luke 4:42-44, Jesus was an early riser and started the day reflecting and being grateful.

I benefited greatly from practising silence and solitude during the pandemic, and now it has become a regular and essential practice.

I want to encourage you to start today and prioritise time to prepare, reflect and be grateful.