Dad’s safety fears after windows shatter at Ilford’s Pioneer Point tower

One of the shattered windows at Pioneer Point

One of the shattered windows at Pioneer Point - Credit: Archant

A father says he is worried for the safety of his son after his living room window shattered without warning six storeys up in Ilford’s Pioneer Point.

Azhar Zamir, 37, who moved into the development in Winston Way five months ago, is concerned about the quality and fit of the glass panes in the 31-storey tower after nine windows shattered in the past few months.

He said: “I was sitting in my front room with my son when I heard an enormous crash – the noise was so loud.

“When I looked over at the window it had smashed into a million pieces.

“We live on the sixth floor so my immediate thought was to move my son somewhere safe. I then thought I better tell the management as the pane could fall on to the road below and seriously hurt someone.”

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Three months later, the window has not been replaced despite a number of complaints from Mr Zamir.

He said: “I’ve only just settled into my property so I don’t want to move but I’m worried that another window could smash at any time.”

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Mr Zamir, who pays £1,600 a month to live in the flat, claims the development is riddled with problems.

“The lifts are breaking down nearly every other week but the summer caused the biggest upset, as the block was like a oven,” he said. “Another bad point is their regular slipping of notes under your door in the middle of the night or evening stating that workmen will enter your property if you’re not in.”

A spokesman for Go Native, which manages the building, said it was “aware that nine window panes have shattered” as a result of “small imperfections in the glass”.

She said: “It is not unusual for individual window panes to shatter in the early months/years following completion of a new development.

“The building’s owner, main contractor and specialist cladding sub-contractor are monitoring the window breakages and devising a methodology and programme for their replacement.”

She added that Go Native reserves the right to enter apartments “if we deem this necessary in an emergency or for operational reasons”.

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