Custard on the menu in Redbridge for Children in Need

PACKETS of custard were poured on to a nursery worker, before she bathed in the sticky treat all day for Children in Need.

Nicola Toghill sat in a bath of custard at Kids Inc Nursery, in York Road, Ilford, from 7.40am until 6pm, raising �385.50 for the charity.

“At first it felt really heavy, but I got used to it,” she said. “When I came out, I had awful cramp!” Nicola did not go to the toilet all day, but was cheered up as she sat with an umbrella in the bath, by kind people at a nearby coffee shop who bought her hot chocolate, and friends who gave her sausage rolls.

“Many of the children were sitting up at the window watching me, and couldn’t understand the next day why I wasn’t in the bath anymore!

“It was a really cold day, but I didn’t feel it too badly in the bath.” Nicola added her day-long experience had not put her off.

“I would do it again, without a doubt!”