Revealed: The worst streets for robberies in Redbridge

This alleyway has been the site of two dozen robberies since the start of 2017. Picture: Google Stre

This alleyway has been the site of two dozen robberies since the start of 2017. Picture: Google Streetview - Credit: Archant

The vast majority of robberies in Redbridge are going unsolved by police as figures reveal the borough’s most crime-ridden streets.

According to Metropolitan Police data, since the start of 2017 there have been 2,514 robberies reported in Redbridge.

Of these 2,383, almost 95 per cent, have either been closed with no suspect identified, have not been updated since the original report, or are still under investigation.

The most afflicted street in the borough was Ilford's Cranbrook Road, where no fewer than 88 people and businesses reported being robbed in less than three years.

The other worst-hit streets in Redbridge were Ilford Lane, where 32 incidents have reportedly taken place, and Ilford High Road, the site of 32 reported robberies.

An alleyway behind the High Road shops, Postway Mews, has been the site of 28 robberies since January 2017, and 25 people also have been robbed in nearby Janice Mews.

According to the official figures, since January 2017 just 23 people have been sent to prison for robberies committed in Redbridge. Another three have been handed suspended sentences and 12 have received community sentences.

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This summer Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick acknowledged that detection rates for certain types of crime were "woefully low" and called for greater investment in resources, technology and expertise to improve clear-up rates.

In response to the figures presented by the Post, a Met Police spokesman said: "The Met is committed to reducing all types of acquisitive crime including personal robbery, which we know can be traumatic for victims.

"Personal robbery victims are from all walks of life - young and old, male and female, and from all ethnic and social backgrounds - and robbery crime trends often differ between London boroughs.

"Robbery investigations are challenging for a number of reasons, but we are working to improve detection rates and investigations. The progress is being overseen at Commander level.

"The Met will deploy additional patrols in areas where personal robbery is identified as an issue - around transport hubs and town centres, for instance.

"If anyone is the victim of a crime, or sees an offence being committed or suspicious behaviour, call 101 or 999 in an emergency."