Worried about crime in Redbridge? Here’s what you can do about it

Mark Glazer has designed a neighbourhood watch website for South Woodford residents

Mark Glazer has designed a neighbourhood watch website for South Woodford residents - Credit: Archant

Helping to reduce crime and watching out for your neighbours are just two of the messages being promoted this week for Neighbourhood Watch Week.

Mark Glazer, who helps run the Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch Trust, said it also helps encourage community spirit.

Mr Glazer, of South Woodford, said the police need help reducing crime in our borough by the public providing information about suspicious activity.

“You might see a man standing in the street looking at a house or someone taking photos of your neighbour’s house,” he said. “They could be a burglar looking for where his mates will hit next.”


The majority of wards in Redbridge have a Neighbourhood Watch group aiming to educate people in how to prevent crime and who to turn to if you are a victim.

He said: “It’s an education process. There are lots of burglaries in Redbridge and if people had more burglar alarms there would not be so many. Burglaries are not quite random – they do check out places beforehand.”

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The trust has a website, which launched in March, packed with information about how to join, contact details as well as advice of how to protect yourself and your property.

Mr Glazer said: “We want them to talk to their neighbours. Any crime’s unacceptable and there’s a human cost and a cost to society. People need to realise looking after each other is very important to society.”

David Walker, 70, of Brinkworth Road, Clayhall is the deputy co-ordinator of the Clayhall branch.

He said there are other benefits to having Neighbourhood Watches such as a reduction in house insurance costs.

He added: “Since we started we have had hardly any crime here. As far as house insurance is concerned, most insurance companies give discounts if you are in a watch area.”

A police spokesman said: “I would encourage all residents to join a Neighbourhood Watch or create their own. We would ask that all residents and visitors to Redbridge be our “eyes and ears” and Watch members play a valuable role in helping us reduce the fear of crime.”

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