Woodford Green bomb scare declared false alarm

Bomb disposal incident South Woodford

The Met has confirmed that a suspicious item discovered in a Woodford Green home was not a war ordnance as initially believed. The incident has since been stood down. - Credit: Sabah Hussain

The Met has confirmed the suspicious item found in a Woodford Green house was not an unexploded bomb.

Eyewitnesses report that police were called to St Barnabas Road at around 3pm this afternoon (Monday, June 21) after it is believed that builders working in a home on that street reported the presence of a suspicious item.

Woodford Green bomb scare

The home in St Barnabas Road where the suspicious item was discovered. - Credit: Sabah Hussain

Initially believed to be a war ordnance, the Met has since confirmed this was not the case, and that the incident was stood down.

Woodford Green bomb scare

The incident took place near the junction of Lillian Gardens. - Credit: Sabah Hussain

The entrance to Lilian Gardens and St Barnabas Road was reportedly closed off, with police officers said to have escorted affected residents to and from their homes and cars.

People were also reportedly told by officers on the scene not to use electronic devices, including phones, in case they interfered with the signals needed to defuse the suspected bomb.

Woodford Green bomb scare

Police were called to the scene at around 3pm today, with residents able to return home once considered safe to do so. - Credit: Sabah Hussain

The area was cleared around 4.38pm, with locals able to return to their homes shortly after.