Woodford Green band ‘devastated’ after van stolen along with �20,000 of equipment

An up-and-coming band have been left “devastated” after their van, which contained �20,000 of equipment and instruments, was stolen from outside their home.

The Skints, a four-piece band from Woodford Green, discovered the white Mercedes Sprinter van had been taken on Saturday morning from Broadmead Road, Woodford Green.

Guitarist Josh Waters-Rudge, 22, who lives in Broadmead Road, said: “When our van was taken, all of our equipment was too; we are devastated.

“Five years worth of collecting amps and instruments, Marcia’s dresses and shoes, the boy’s suits and of course the van itself has all been harshly taken away and we have nothing.

“This equipment was our whole lives. It’ll take us a long time to get back on our feet again, but if there’s one thing that could make this better, it’s the overwhelming support that our fans have shown us.”

The group has toured around the world performing concerts and are set to perform in Malta at the weekend, despite the theft.

Lead singer Marcia Richards, 22, of South Woodford said: “We are a busy touring band so our van is essential to us. It was full of equipment including cases of expensive leads and classical instruments worth around �20,000, not including the cost of the van.

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“I couldn’t believe it had been taken at first and then I started thinking of each individual item that we’d lost including a sentimental flute which I had before the band and passed all my exams on.

“We won’t let this stop us playing our gigs as it is so important to us.”

A show has been organised to help raise money for the lost equipment on May 20 at The Fighting Cocks, Kingston-Upon-Thames. For more information visit www.banquetrecords.com/helptheskints.