Woman devastated by theft of dead mother’s jewellery in Clayhall

A woman was devastated when burglars stole all of her dead mother’s jewellery, worth more than �60,000.

Karina Kaur, 23, said her mum Varinder was so upset after the burglary that she rarely leaves the house due to the shock and guilt of losing the jewellery.


The family had gone to visit friends on September 15 when the break-in happened.

Police believe the burglars took their time going through all of the family’s possessions and breaking into a large safe.

Karina 23, of Ravensbourne Gardens, Clayhall, said: “They must have been watching the house for when we left, waiting for the house to be empty. My grandmother passed away in February and she left lots of gold to my mum before she died.”

Karina’s grandmother lived with the family for the last eight years of her life, and the burglary has caused the feelings of grief to resurface for her mum.

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“She’s going through all the emotions of her mum passing away and she’s lost the last of the items she gave her,” Karina said.

“She feels really guilty for just having it in the house and I think that’s why she’s just blaming herself. She hasn’t really left the house since it happened.”

The family discovered the break-in when they returned from the evening out and found the double glazed front room window wide open.


Karina said: “We knew that we had been burgled. They were in our house for such a long time and saw our photos. It’s horrible.”

The police were called but were unable to find enough evidence to pursue a thorough investigation.

Det Insp Ian Bowles said all burglaries are treated as “very serious crimes” with the launch of Operation Castle aimed at addressing an expected spike in incidents.

The raiders also stole �1,900 in cash.