Watch the moment a police officer in Ilford was pushed off his bike into the path of a car

A policeman was pushed off his bike in Ilford. Photo: @UncleRomey

A policeman was pushed off his bike in Ilford. Photo: @UncleRomey - Credit: @UncleRomey

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment that a police officer was pushed off his bike and into the path of a car in Ilford.

The footage was taken yesterday afternoon by Twitter user Jerome Haye.He took to Twitter and said: “the @metpoliceuk getting pushed to their limits”.

Another user said: “The rider could’ve broken a leg or worse”

The video footage shows two motorcycle officers driving along a busy street with a police car behind them.

As the bikes slow down a man sprints along the pavement, and when he is alongside the group he darts into the road and pushes one of the officers off his bike, into the path of the car behind.

He then runs away and the officer chases him.

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The attack is believed to have taken place in Ilford Lane though the exact time of it is unclear.

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