Wanstead pensioner loses parking fine appeal despite having disabled permit

The Wanstead pensioner given a parking fine by Redbridge Council despite owning a disabled permit has had her appeal turned down.

Frances Withers, 77, of Queenswood Gardens, was given the ticket for parking in a disabled bay opposite Bodgers textiles shop in Station Road, Ilford, in August, because her badge was displayed back-to-front.

Mrs Withers sent a copy of her permit to the council but they persevered with the fine and her appeal was heard before the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service in Islington on Thursday (13).

Adjudicator Teresa Brennan said the onus is on the motorist to ensure badges are properly displayed.

She added: “I consider that there is considerable mitigation in this case but the local authority has made it clear that it wishes to enforce this penalty charge notice.”

Mrs Withers was ordered to pay a discounted fine, which will be �55 if she pays within 28 days or �110 afterwards.

She said: “I still think it’s wrong.

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“It’s not as if there was anything illegal, it just happened to be the wrong way round.

“With the amount of money they must have spent writing to me and doing the appeal it probably cost more than �55 anyway.”