VIDEO: Men smash into Ilford jewellers and take �50k haul

Dramatic images of raiders smashing their way into a jewellers in Ilford give a clear view of the thieves who thought they had outsmarted the CCTV cameras.

The two men hid their faces with umbrellas while they cut the cables of camera after camera in a shopping plaza – but they missed one.

Their faces were captured as they left UAE Jewellers, Ilford Lane. The footage shows the men staring straight into the camera after stealing �50,000 of jewellery.


Aim Money Exchange and ITech London computer shop, in the same plaza, were also burgled. Laptops and cash were stolen.

Jewellery shop owner Nasrin Azher said she was devastated that the men had not been caught since the break-in on April 19 and says she fears for the future of her business.

“There’s not much business and it’s very hard as my husband does not work, just me.

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“Somebody must have seen them.”

The burglars broke into the plaza at about 1am using a crowbar.

Mrs Azher, 45, of Romford, said: “All my jewellery was taken, which I had on credit and was not insured. Also items which were given to me to repair.

“They took everything. People are asking for their money back, which I’m trying to pay back slowly.”

When she arrived for work the next day she found glass everywhere and the door to her shop had been broke down.

“I’m thinking about finishing the business because it’s so hard,” she said. “Somebody must have seen them, we can catch them.”

Javaid Ahmed, owner of the plaza, said: “The computer shop lost quite a lot. They took all the phones and computers.

“They broke the doors and locks and there was quite a bit of damage. They even broke into the toilet.”

n Anyone with information about the burglary should call 020 8345 2610 or, or to remain anonymous, Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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