‘Vicious spiky plants’ help police catch man on the run in Clayhall

A man fell foul of the law on Thursday (12) when he was arrested for allegedly breaking a fence in Clayhall while running from police officers.

Redbridge Police were doing routine burglary patrols in the area when they saw the man walking on a driveway.

A police spokesman said the man ran away into back gardens when officers approached.

The spokesman added: “He was chased through the gardens and broke a fence.

“The officers caught him with the help of a dog unit and he was arrested for criminal damage of the fence.”

A nearby resident assumed the man was a burglar.

He said: “I thought he had attempted to break into one of the houses down the street. He was stopped in my neighbour’s garden.

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“It was down to not just the police but like most other gardens in the neighbourhood it’s very overgrown and has some quite vicious spiky plants by the fence.”