Ilford man jailed for 'horrendous' violent abuse of woman

Custody image of Vicentiu Calin wearing a grey T-shirt

Vicentiu Calin, 29, of Northbrook Road, Ilford was jailed for eight-and-a-half years. - Credit: Met Police

An Ilford man who violently assaulted his partner, eventually causing a bleed on her brain and permanent scarring, has been jailed for eight-and-a-half years.

The “horrendous domestic abuse" carried out by Vicentiu Luca Calin over a three-month period included burning the victim's face and body with lit cigarettes and beating her with items of furniture. 

Calin, 29, of Northbrook Road, was given the sentence at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday (November 5). 

He pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm with intent, actual bodily harm and assault by beating at an earlier hearing in August, with an additional charge of false imprisonment to remain on file. 

The court heard that on January 1 this year, officers attending a hospital call were approached by the woman’s friend, who told them that the victim had been kidnapped and seriously assaulted by Calin. 

The survivor, aged 26 at the time of the offences, reported to police that Calin became violent with her while they were staying in a hotel together last October.

Between Christmas Day and December 27, he assaulted her so severely that she sustained a brain bleed and permanent facial scarring.

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Police say the woman has also been left with numbness to her lips which impacts her ability to speak, eat and drink.

The court heard that over the three-month period Calin refused to let the woman speak to her family or access any help.

He also threatened to kill her. 

Calin admitted that he had caused the woman's facial injuries using lit cigarettes because she spent too long looking in the mirror, and she believed she was pretty.

On December 27, the survivor convinced Calin to let her go out to speak to her friends to prevent them becoming concerned about her and raising the alarm.

The victim got a taxi to another hotel to seek refuge, before she and a friend went to the hospital so she could to get treatment.

When Calin was arrested on January 3, the officers who located him found the vehicle he was using was covered in blood.

Detective Constable Amy Campion wished to pay tribute to the survivor.

“She has shown tremendous courage throughout this investigation, from the initial allegation to her attendance at court and her ability to speak out about the horrendous domestic abuse that she has suffered at the hands of Calin."