Two more police 'enforcement hubs' to open in Redbridge

Cllrs Khayer Chowdhury and Jas Athwal (centre) meet police and council enforcement officers at the York Road hub

The first enforcement hub was opened in York Road, Ilford, earlier this month - Credit: Redbridge Council

Two more police “enforcement hubs” are to be opened in Redbridge. 

The initiative was first launched two weeks ago in York Road in a bid to tackle antisocial behaviour in the area. 

Redbridge Council leader Cllr Jas Athwal told the Recorder the York Road scheme had been “really, really well-received” and said it would now be expanded to Hainault and Woodford. 

He said: “Within a week, [residents] had already noted a significant decline in crime and ASB, since the opening of the hub.” 

He claimed police had reported a similar drop in activity. 

The planned Hainault hub will be in Manford Way and will either be a new construction, like the York Road facility, or be placed in a room in the local library. 

An enforcement hub will also be placed in the west of the borough, covering Woodford, Churchfields, and Monkhams, but council officers are still looking for an exact location for this site. 

The York Road initiative was introduced after a succession of meetings in September which saw residents express their concerns about crime and antisocial behaviour in the area to senior police officers and local political leaders.

Cllr Athwal said he had received emails from council leaders “up and down the country” asking about the scheme. 

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The council leader said the claimed success of the scheme was proof “visible policing” was the answer to crime and antisocial behaviour. 

He noted a number of police stations had been closed over the years, and suggested the policing hubs could bridge the gap in public contact. 

“You don’t realise what you have until you lose it,” said Cllr Athwal. 

“A borough that used to have five police stations now only has one 24-hour police station, and what the council is having to do is now step up. 

“Visible policing is the answer. Bobbies on the beat is the answer.” 

The York Road hub is open every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday between 4.30pm and 6.30pm. 

Cllr Athwal said the council were encouraging Met Police and British Transport Police officers to make use of the hubs outside of official opening times.