‘Turf war’ fears on Ilford estate

FEUDING gangs have forced residents to barricade their homes with metal grilles in a bid to ward off an escalating “turf war”.

Neighbours living on the Jaffe Road estate, off Ley Street, Ilford, have demanded more security after one woman had her front door smashed in with a sledgehammer in the midst of what police have dubbed “increased youth rivalry”.

The incident, on September 14, saw armed police go to the estate after residents mistook the weapon for a shotgun.

Residents – who are too scared to be identified – say it is the latest in a string of incidents on the problem-plagued estate, which includes Jaffe Road, Meister Close and Drayton Close.

One said: “We are in the middle of postcode turf war.

“It’s terrible, people don’t even let their kids play out anymore.”

The Recorder reported last year that a mother-of-three said her family were living “like prisoners” on the estate, while armed youths made their lives a misery, cutting through CCTV wires, stashing weapons and damaging property.

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Neighbours say not enough has been done to make the area safe.

One called for housing association Peabody to install 24-hour security.

She added: “We are still the estate that time forgot. Kids run through my garden being chased by the police.

“People save up to buy grilles for their doors and windows.

“But we shouldn’t have to live like prisoners, it’s them who should be behind bars.”

A spokesman for Peabody said: “We’re working closely with our partners in the area, including police and Redbridge Council, to respond rapidly to incidents and implement measures to improve matters.”

A police spokesman said the latest incident was a result of the property being targeted, rather than its occupants. She added that patrols have been stepped up.