Trainee teacher from Hainault heads to Ukraine to help children with nervous system conditions

A trainee teacher from Hainault is helping children with conditions of the nervous system in northern Ukraine.

With the backing of the Jack Petchey Foundation, Nicole Mallin, 24, of Hathaway Close, will work at the Chernihiv Medical Centre for three weeks.

The centre rehabilitates children with problems of the central nervous system, learning difficulties and other issues.

Nicole, who is training to become a primary teacher at Anglia Ruskin University, will also visit children in their homes and help to come up with therapies such as massage, music and art to benefit them.

She said: “The project will drive me to gain the confidence and passion for working and helping children with complex learning difficulties.”

Nicole received a grant from the foundation and also raised money herself by teaching children to dance and a cake sale.