Three burglaries at the same Newbury Park house – now residents form action group

A determined resident has helped set up a neighbourhood watch after his neighbour was burgled three times in two weeks.

Satha Alaganandasundaram, who lives in Leyswood Drive, will be leading the neighbourhood watch in Newbury Park covering Oaks Lane, Roy Gardens and Leyswood Drive – roads considered to be burglary hotspots.

The 51 year-old-said: “I have been trying to organise this for the last three to four years, however it is only the last year that we have seen an increase in burglaries and one house in my road was targeted three times in two weeks.

“We have been working hard to get the scheme off the ground and we are hoping it will increase people’s vigilance and inform people of the precautions they should take, like leaving the lights on.

The new neighbourhood watch launched on Wednesday of last week at St Peter’s Church, Oaks Lane, Aldborough Hatch and was attended by the police, residents and ward councillors.


Mr Alaganandasundaram added: “We want people to keep an eye out for each other and work together to help each other live peacefully and help the police out.”

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Aldborough Safer Neighbourhood Team PCSO Darren Jenkins, said: “It is well documented that Redbridge suffers from burglaries and this area is one of the hot spots known to us. During a street briefing, Satha stepped forward and offered to set the watch up.

“We are not a bad borough for crime but burglary is our focus and it seems to be this that worries people the most.

“We are hoping this will help to create community spirit and we are using the Ashurst Drive scheme as a model. I am confident this will help to reduce crime.”