This message will self-destruct in five seconds: Hainault company invents ‘Mission: Impossible’ style app

Technology wizards in Hainault have invented a phone app that sends self-destructing text messages for ultimate secrecy.

SOA Networks, based in Hainault Business Park, Fowler Road, launched Destructible Text in 160 countries last week.

The iPhone app deletes texts “without a trace” after they are read.

But will people use it for unsavoury purposes?

Company director Sam Seller said: “Some people will think it’s an app for relationship cheats but it’s also for fun like pranking your friends.

“It’s really for everyone to have a bit of fun.”

Mr Seller said SOA Networks was in discussions to feature the app in film Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol but missed the deadline by six months.

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He added: “Maybe it will be in the next Mission: Impossible.”