Teens cruising Newbury Park streets in bid to raid homes

A GANG of teenagers travelling in cars tried to break into homes in the dead of night in what residents say is the latest incident in a spate of burglaries.

About six to eight youngsters reportedly tried to break into a shop in Eastern Avenue, before turning their attention to houses in adjoining Yoxley Drive, Newbury Park.

One resident found a youth in her garden after he had scaled a fence.

Police were called, but just two of the youths were caught.

Last week’s incident came just days after Redbridge police issued a warning urging people to be extra vigilant following a “significant” rise in burglaries.

Toks Okeniyi, group co-ordinator of Avenue Neighbourhood Watch, which covers the area where the attempted burglaries happened, has noticed an increase in break-ins in the past month.

Incidents include an attempted burglary at a home in Springfield Drive, where the occupant was at home and the would-be burglar fled. As well as a burglary close to an alleyway off Yoxley Drive and another at a home in Bentley Drive.

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Miss Okeniyi said: “It’s almost on a daily basis. The difference is that this latest one was at night, when everyone was at home – it’s a bit scary.

“It’s probably because the area is so close to Eastern Avenue.

“All we can say to people is to be vigilant and call the police if you think you see something which is suspicious.”

According to figures from the Metropolitan Police, there were 302 residential burglaries reported in Redbridge in November, compared to 231 in the same month the previous year.

Non-residential burglary is also up compared with last year.

Redbridge police say most burglaries are happening during daytime hours, with burglars knocking on doors to check if anyone is at home before trying to break in.

A spokesman said: “Redbridge residents are reminded not to open their door to any callers who they are not satisfied with and to pass their descriptions to police.”