South Woodford family ‘stunned’ after man hurls lit firework at their home

A firework that 'sounded like a bomb' was thrown at a home in Ashford Road, South Woodford on Sunday

A firework that 'sounded like a bomb' was thrown at a home in Ashford Road, South Woodford on Sunday. Photo (CCTV still): Xanthe Grace - Credit: Archant

A firework which “sounded like a bomb” was thrown at a family’s home in South Woodford.

Xanthe Grace, 35 of Ashford Road was woken at 2.26am on Sunday when a man in a grey car pulled up to her house and threw the firework at her property.

At first, she thought it was children misbehaving, but after viewing CCTV footage the reality was much more frightening.

“It was like a bomb had hit our window,” she told the Recorder.

“If something had caught alight it would have been so dangerous as that is our only way of getting out.

“Our room is at the front and thankfully the kids sleep at the back so it wasn’t right by them.”

The family has no idea why the incident happened and said after the attack they couldn’t help wondering if it was going to happen again when they went to bed.

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“We have no clue why we were targeted,” she added.

“We were stunned to see a grown man do it.

“We thought it might be a case of mistaken identity, but police said they think it was a random attack.”

Police will investigate the incident, but can only view CCTV footage that has been burned on a CD.

A Met Police spokeswoman said: “For us to start the identification process, we need to receive the CCTV footage and view the vehicle registration mark (VRM) of the vehicle used in connection with this incident ourselves, not through second-hand information.

“This is for evidential reasons, especially if the investigation ever ends up in court. This is something the CPS are particular about.

“Once we have received and or viewed the footage ourselves we will begin the investigation and follow any inquiries as a result.”

The spokeswoman said the family had been visited by their local Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) and were given reassurance support and additional information.

Do you know more about the incident or has a similar situation happened to you? Contact police on 101 and call the Recorder on 020 8477 3903.