Seven Kings stabbings: Residents call for CCTV and more police after ‘devastating’ knife fight kills three

A police cordon remains in place at Seven Kings High Road. Picture: PA

A police cordon remains in place at Seven Kings High Road. Picture: PA - Credit: PA

Shocked Seven Kings residents have called for more CCTV and an increase in neighbourhood policing in the wake of a triple stabbing that left three people dead last night.

A police officer at the scene of a fatal triple stabbing in Elmstead Road. Picture: PA

A police officer at the scene of a fatal triple stabbing in Elmstead Road. Picture: PA - Credit: PA

Police responded to reports of a disturbance in Elmstead Road, Seven Kings, on Sunday January 19 at 7.38pm and found three men with stab wounds.

All three men were pronounced dead at the scene by London Ambulance Service paramedics.

Speaking on Monday morning, one neighbour who was among the first to call the emergency services told the Recorder: "I think they all live around here.

"I wouldn't say they live that far because I've seen them before.

"My husband went to get groceries and he came back and said there were three people dead - we thought they were dead because there was so much blood. Literally puddles of blood.

"I saw each and every one of them. I was on the phone to the ambulance. There were loads of people trying to help them.

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"Police came and they were giving CPR. It took a while for the ambulance to come."

She called for CCTV and lighting to be installed at the staircase which leads to Seven Kings High Road.

"This area is a crime hotspot. There's broken bottles all the time. I don't feel safe at any time of the day there.

"This is more of a shock. I'm not surprised that they died because there was so much blood. The ambulance took about 20 minutes to arrive. Police were really trying.

"I'm shocked but not surprised that this has happened. They need CCTV and lights there."

Another neighbour whose cousin owns the double glazing factory where the stabbing happened said: "There were eight or nine of them and they were shouting and screaming 'my brother'. Some of them used to work together. This is a small town - we all know each other."

He also called for CCTV to be installed to help residents feel safer.

He said: "It's shocking. We use the stairs to get to the station. The wife is scared to go there.

"It's always a trouble spot. We have CCTV everywhere but there. It should be there. A lot of youngsters go there."

Another neighbour whose wife works at the health centre told the Recorder: "We need more police.

"This has happened quite a few times in this area. It's shocking.

"We've got kids, we're scared to let them out on their own now.

"Three lives have gone for no reason. This needs to stop. "I think that stairway needs to be closed. People have been stabbed there, robbed there, beaten up there.

"Then there won't be these blindspot incidents. My wife won't walk up the stairs at night, I have to come and collect her."

Resident Lauren Marshall said she and other neighbours had gone out into Elmstead Road when they saw flashing police lights on Sunday night.

"By the time I came out, the road was blocked and there were police everywhere. It was manic. Everyone was coming out of their houses," the 26-year-old paralegal said.

"I've lived here my whole life and nothing like this has ever happened. It was a shock."

The leader of Redbridge Council, Cllr Jas Athwal, also released a statement following the incident.

He said: "What happened in Seven Kings last night is truly devastating for all of us.

"Three young men, who had their whole lives ahead of them, have tragically died.

"Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those young men, and the entire community.

"An incident like this is unheard of within the Sikh community here in Redbridge.

"I think tragically there are at least three families who are going to be in mourning and this is going to last a lifetime for the people left behind.

"We've got to look at the causes of why this happened and address those."

Cllr Athwal was also critical of bloody footage shared on social media appearing to show the aftermath of the killings.

"I think the first response should be 'What can we do to help?'. To put it on social media is not right."

He added: "We stand together against knife crime, and will do everything we can to assist the police and support the community in the wake of this deeply tragic incident.

"I'd urge anyone with information about what happened last night to call the police on 101 and quote CAD6374/19JAN or contact Crimestoppers UK anonymously on 0800 555 111."

Formal identification of the victims has yet to take place, and post-mortem examinations have also yet to be arranged.

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder.