Seven Kings GP cleared of sexually assaulting male patients

Pic shows Ferdinand Cruz
Ongoing trial of Ferdinand Cruz for sex assault. Doctor accused of groping

Pic shows Ferdinand Cruz Ongoing trial of Ferdinand Cruz for sex assault. Doctor accused of groping patients when they asked for help with erectile dysfunction. - Credit: central news

A doctor accused of fondling two patients during an erectile dysfunction examination at his practice in Seven Kings wept with joy after winning a year-and-a-half long battle to clear his name.

Dr Ferdinand Cruz, 49, of Balgores Lane, Gidea Park, Romford was said to have repeatedly groped two men during private consultations.

However, an Old Bailey jury today cleared him of six counts of sexual assault, vindicating the respected doctor’s claim he had done nothing wrong.

His wife, Dr Gillian Hall, who is also a GP, gave evidence on his behalf, testifying to their “healthy physical relationship” and dismissing claims he may be bisexual.

Dr Cruz broke down in tears when the foreman delivered the jury’s verdicts today, and embraced his wife as he left the dock.

He had been accused of sexually assaulting two men, both in their 20s, who had come to him for help with erectile dysfunction at The Doctors House, in Cameron Road.

The first man, 25, said Dr Cruz asked him to perform a solo sex act in October 2010 before leaning forward to fondle his genitals.

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He claimed the same thing happened at a second consultation a month later, the court heard.

The second alleged victim, also 25, claimed Dr Cruz had molested him at a consultation in 2012.

But the doctor said he sent his patients home and asked them to return when they had produced an intimate “sample” for him.

Of the first patient, he said: “I told him if there is some problem then he needs to move on and he should not be worried about it anymore.

“I was trying to reassure him but he asked if it should be checked – I would have agreed to send a semen sample to the lab if it was a problem.

“I did ask him to produce a sample because his main concern was the volume.

“I told him I was going to get a sample from him but he should get it from either sex or masturbation and then return to the clinic within an hour or so and I would have a look at it.”

Dr Hall said her husband, who she married in Cambodia in 1999, has been deluged with support from friends and colleagues since the allegation came to light.