See the moment police arrest Hainault man for torturing elderly couple and a drive-by shooting

Kacey Adams, of Hainault, is arrested for torturing an elderly couple during a burglary and conspira

Kacey Adams, of Hainault, is arrested for torturing an elderly couple during a burglary and conspiracy to murder, on his return from a spending splurge in Dubai. He was handed three life sentences in prison. Picture: Kent Police - Credit: Kent Police

This is the moment police arrest Kacey Adams for the “barbaric” torture of an elderly couple during a burglary, and blasting a man with a shotgun in a drive-by.

Adams, 34, of Covert Road, Hainault, was on a plane back from Dubai in April 2016, after blowing £18,000 of stolen cash on luxury goods.

Days earlier Adams and Daniel Wallace, 33, of St Mary’s, Barking, broke into the home of 66-year-old John Buswell and his wife Janice, 64, and tortured them for two hours until they gave up the codes to their safe.

They used cable ties to tie up the couple, and poured kettles of boiling water over the pair of them.

They also punched Mr Buswell in the face, and threatened them with a hot iron and a knife.

The pair stole £50,000 from the couple, of Halstead, Kent, and used it to fund their Dubai spending splurge.

The footage filmed by Kent Police, shows the moment officers arrested the thugs on the plane.

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They first cuff Adams, who is wearing glasses, before apprehending Wallace.

Sentencing the pair to three life sentences each yesterday, at Chelmsford Crown Court, Judge Charles Gratwicke said they used “gratuitous violence for no reason at all”.

Judge Gratwicke also handed Adams and Wallace jail time, for taking part in a retribution hit in Essex in May 2016.

Adams blasted the victim with a shotgun, as he sat in a van at a junction in Stanford-Le-Hope.

The 54-year-old survived the single shotgun blast but was left with serious injuries to his face and a lung, and lost sight in one eye.