Security guard stabbed in Exchange Ilford shopping centre released from hospital

A security guard who was stabbed in the Exchange Ilford shopping centre on Tuesday has been released from hospital.

A man was arrested on suspicion of GBH and shoplifting after being approached by a police officer and security guards outside Clinton Cards in the High Road, Ilford centre.

At around 4.20pm, the man allegedly stabbed the security guard in the forearm.

The victim’s injury was minor – a puncturing of the skin – according to a police spokesman.

The suspect was also taken to hospital following the incident with scrapes and bruises to his face, believed to be from when he was put to the floor by security guards.

He has also been released from hospital and into police custody.

He was due to appear at Barkingside Magistrates Court, Cranbrook Road, Barkingside, today.

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Redbridge Police were unwilling to provide any further details about the suspect this afternoon.

An Exchange Ilford spokesman said: “The centre are working closely with the Metropolitan Police as it is very much a police matter, but we can confirm the security guard in question is fine.”