Sameena Imam murder: Killer Roger Cooper cries during witness interview

Sameena Imam, who was killed by brothers Roger and David Cooper on Christmas Eve last year. Picture:

Sameena Imam, who was killed by brothers Roger and David Cooper on Christmas Eve last year. Picture: West Midlands Police - Credit: West Midlands Police

Footage released by West Midland Police shows the murderer of former Loxford pupil Sameena Imam, Roger Cooper, breaking down in tears during a police interview.

Cooper, 41, and his brother David, 39, were sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering the 34-year-old, at Birmingham Crown Court yesterday.

The court heard how the brothers – who had planned the killing weeks in advance – lured Ms Imam to ex-soldier David’s house in Leicester, and smothered her with chloroform.

On Christmas morning the pair buried Ms Imam in a deep grave in David’s allotment.

Roger, her colleague at the Costco cash-and-carry company, was having a two year affair with her, and feared she would reveal two other relationships he was “juggling” at the same time.

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The court heard how the brothers had tried to kill Sameena several times before.

The video above shows a police interview with Roger as a significant witness on January 1 and 2, before he was charged with murder on January 9.

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He breaks down in tears when telling police about the supposed last time he saw Ms Imam.

Cooper explains she was on her way back to see her family in Ilford for Boxing Day.

They alerted police to Ms Imam’s disappearance when she did not show up.

To hear the chilling interview when David Cooper admits to killing Ms Imam on his sofa click here.

To read the full report of the trial click here.

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