Same men thought to be behind spate of burglaries targeting Asian gold in Clayhall

A residents meeting is being held about the number of crimes in Clayhall. Picture: Martin Keene

A residents meeting is being held about the number of crimes in Clayhall. Picture: Martin Keene - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

The same team of men are thought to be behind four burglaries in Clayhall in the last two weeks.

The crimes have taken place on or near the junction of Clayhall Avenue. Picture: Ken Mears

The crimes have taken place on or near the junction of Clayhall Avenue. Picture: Ken Mears - Credit: Archant

Officers said the men entered properties from the garden and were targeting residents with Asian gold, leaving other valuables behind.

Three of the incidents took place in Clayhall Avenue, while an aggravated burglary took place on an adjacent road.

Police are advising residents to secure their gardens and lock valuables away.

On January 18, a large quantity of jewellery was taken and officers believe the suspects gained access by climbing over a 5ft fence at the side of the property.

Hoque was charged on Thursday.

Hoque was charged on Thursday. - Credit: Archant

The men then entered via the front door and used a blunt tool on the door frame.

On January 21, suspects entered a property via the back UPVC kitchen door by smashing it with a sharp implement.

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Police said they were likely to have entered the garden via the rear of a neighbour’s garden.

A large quantity of Asian gold was also stolen.

On January 19, male suspects attempted to break into a house through the loft but were disturbed by the homeowner’s son.

The property has an extension with patio door on to a safety balcony which was the point of entry.

On January 27, men broke into a property after climbing over a garden wall.

Once in the rear garden, it is believed that they have used an unknown implement to force open a rear ground floor window.

A quantity of jewellery was taken including Asian Gold.

During this time period, there was also two thefts from vehicles on Clayhall Avenue.

A Met Police spokeswoman said: “There have been a few burglaries in the Clayhall area, whereby suspects are gaining access to properties through the rear gardens of the property.

“There is also a pattern of theft of Asian Gold.

“With the newly formed East Area Burglary and Robbery Team, we are dedicated to bringing offenders to justice. The team tirelessly investigate these offences and have seen great results so far, since its formation.”

The police advise residents to take preventative measures.

“Protect your garden by placing trellis or spikey shrubs on walls to make it harder for burglars to climb over,” she added.

“Hide your valuables in places that are not obvious, or better still get yourself a safe for your valuables and lock and double lock all doors and windows.”

The spokeswoman said most burglaries happen during weekdays when occupants are at work and if possible it is a good idea to leave a radio on to make it appear as if someone is home.

“The harder you make it for burglars the less desirable your property is,” she said.

Clayhall resident, Minhaj Ahmed works closely with the Clayhall Community Centre as a volunteer.

After hearing about all the incidents he approached the centre to set up a residents meeting.

“People are scared, emotions are running really high and people are upset,” he said.

“We have to do something.

“They (the robbers) are finding Clayhall an easy target and this can’t go on.

Mr Ahmed said the worst thing about the break-ins is that the suspects are going into houses knowing people are inside and it shouldn’t be left up to residents to police the streets.

“Ultimately we need police involvement,” he added.

“We understand funding cuts but it feels as if we are being actively put in danger - it is too easy for them and we can’t let it go on.”

A public meeting about crime will take place on February 4 at Glade Primary School, in Harewood Drive, Clayhall from 2-4pm.

MP for Ilford North, Wes Streeting, Mark Glazer of Redbridge Neighbourhood Watch and defence experts will be at the meeting and residents will be able to ask questions.

The Clayhall Community Centre has also reached out to the police to ask them if they can send representatives to the meeting, but their attendance has not been confirmed yet.