Residents fury over ‘gang of foreigners living illegally in a shed in Clayhall’

Every few weeks, new men arrive

Every few weeks, new men arrive - Credit: Archant

Redbridge Council is investigating claims from residents that a gang of up to six eastern European men are currently living illegally in a shed in Clayhall.

Residents are fed up with rubbish left by the men

Residents are fed up with rubbish left by the men - Credit: Archant

One neighbour, who asked to be anonymous for fear of reprisals, said up to six men are sleeping in an 8ft by 10ft wooden hut in a garden in Stradbrook Gardens. “I have just seen yet another six arrive with all their bags from my window,” she told the Recorder. “I can see them urinating up the tree in the garden and there is a small child in the house next door - if I can see them I cannot imagine what they can see. “They also have fires in the garden on hot days and cook at night and discard animal carcasses and beer cans everywhere. “We are running alive with rats.” The resident claimed that since the beginning of the year different foreign men have been coming to stay at the shed. Along with other neighbours along her road, she said they have approached the landlord of the rental property, but the owners claimed they were unaware that the shed on their land was being sublet and nothing has changed. “I have reported this and so have the neighbours to the council who have passed it from pillar to post and done nothing. “I called the police today but they just told me to contact the council. “This has to be stopped by someone.”

After litter from the shed was dumped in surrounding gardens, some of the husbands living down the road have thought about approaching the men, but their wives warned them not to get involved. “You don’t know these people, you don’t know what they could do,” the concerned resident added. “I worry it could go badly wrong.”

Redbridge Council has confirmed an investigation into the issue is underway after enforcement officers received numerous complaints from several different sources. A spokeswoman said: “We have carried out an initial investigation and whilst not able to verify that there were people living in the shed, we will continue to investigate the issues involving the property.

“We encourage residents to report any concerns so we can deal with any unsafe and overcrowded properties in the borough.” A new role in the council has been created to tackle beds in sheds. Councillor Jas Athwal, leader of the council, today unveiled his new 2018/2019 cabinet and announced that Councillor Shelia Bain will be tackling the issue under her role of planning and enforcement.

A resident said they urinate up trees

A resident said they urinate up trees - Credit: Archant