Ilford residents fear brothel running openly on quiet street despite police investigation

Residents of a quiet residential street in Ilford fear an illegal brothel is operating despite the p

Residents of a quiet residential street in Ilford fear an illegal brothel is operating despite the police and council investigating it. Picture: Ellena Cruse - Credit: Archant

A suspected brothel in Ilford was cleared by police and the council following an investigation but a resident believes it is still openly operating.

A concerned resident who lives in Lowbrook Road notified Redbridge Council at the end of January of a suspected brothel operating down the street from his home.

He suspected it was run by the same gang that operated another brothel in Dagenham which was shut down and had moved their operations one block away from Ilford Lane.

Redbridge enforcement officers visited the house on February 5 and confirmed it was not an active brothel but the resident said after calling numbers advertised online of alleged prostitutes working in Ilford, he was directed to the address on Lowbrook Road.

The resident, who was not named for fear of reprisal, said: "These people are laughing at the authorities and sticking two fingers up at the police as they blatantly continue with their illegal activity.

"Not only that but it gives the green light to other criminal gangs that Ilford police and council turn a blind eye to this criminal activity, and this will only result in an influx of further brothels in Ilford and more misery through human slavery and people trafficking."

A spokeman for the Metropolitan Police said: "Officers attended the address on February 5 and spoke to a number of females at the address and their details have been passed to the local authority.

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"None of the females wanted to engage with the police and no offence were disclosed."

A Redbridge Council spokesperson added: "We are aware of the concerns regarding this address.

"The police have been informed and have taken action. We will continue to monitor the situation in conjunction with the local police.

"We would encourage anyone who has any concerns about anti-social behaviour to report this online."

The resident said he suspects the brothel is continuing to operate and saw suspicious activity there this past Sunday night into Monday morning until about 5am.

Residents who have phoned the numbers on the online ads to complain say they have been met with abuse.

They described Lowbrook Road as a quiet residential street with families.

The resident added: "This gang must be laughing that the police are allowing this criminal activity to continue.

"Maybe this is why Ilford has such an influx and problem with prostitution, illegal brothels, and people trafficking?"