Redbridge smokers are being urged to quit with help from the North East London Trust

Advisors in Redbridge are urging smokers to try the ultimate fitness detox and quit this January.

The borough’s stop smoking team from the North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT), Barley Lane, Goodmayes, are asking smokers to take part in a life saving fitness challenge by giving up cigarettes for good.

Nicola Hill, NELFT stop smoking manager, said: “If you have given up before and not succeeded don’t worry. The Stop Smoking programmes at the Trust allows you to keep on trying different approaches and medication until the adviser finds the right one for you.

“You are four times more likely to quit for good with the help of our advisors. Whether you have tried once or several times already, the first step is to book an appointment now.”

To find out more about the free service, please call 0800 0320102.