Redbridge residents urged to report ‘disgusting’ punish a Muslim letter

The letter tells people attack muslim people in return for points. Picture: Peter Byrne/PA

The letter tells people attack muslim people in return for points. Picture: Peter Byrne/PA - Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Ima

Letters encouraging people to carry out attacks on Muslims have reportedly been sent to addresses across east London.

Charity, Redbridge Equalities and Community Council (RECC), is urging residents to report the notes saying the people behind them are trying to split the community up.

The A4 letter contains a list of violent acts from pulling the headscarf off a woman, to throwing acid in the face and ending with “nuke Mecca”, next to a point-based scoring system.

The letters also encourage people to “torture” Muslims in a day of Islamophobic violence on April 3.

David Landau, senior case worker of RECC, said he is very concerned by the letter and said it is inciting violence.

“The people behind this are trying to intimidate a community and sow diversive seeds between residents.

“People must reach out in support of each other.

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“The letter is promoting extreme violence and terrorising the community.

“If anyone receives this letter please report it to us and the police.”

Vaseem Ahmed, of Redbridge Islamic Centre, said Islamophobic hate crimes have risen and this letter reinforces the fact that Muslims are being targeted.

“Nationally in the last few months there have been incidents of Muslims being stabbed and run over and this letter adds fuel to the fire - it is very worrying,” he said,

“Studies by the University of Lancaster show that for every neutral comment about a Muslim person in the national press there are 22 negative ones.

“It is not just the national press seeing Muslims as ‘others’ but the government who propose programmes like Prevent which are specifically targeting the Muslim community.

“If you are an ordinary person reading these stories about Muslims in the paper it will give you perceptions, you are being fed a diet.”

As well as Londoners receiving the correspondence, residents in Birmigham and Yorkshire and other spots in the country have also claimed they have been sent it.

Counter Terrorism Police said they are investigating the letter.

A spokesman for Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) said: “ We are deeply appalled and horrified by the nature of the letter which, whilst clearly originating from a disaffected section of society, must be treated with every bit of seriousness as it may very well get into the hands of other like-minded people who are looking for a prompt to act.”

If you are in immediate danger from a prejudice-based hate crime call 999, or for non-emergencies call 101.