Redbridge police make 20 arrests for crimes such as drug offences during operation

Twenty people were arrested during a day of police activity last week.

Redbridge officers were out on the streets on Thursday for Operation Big Wing, which takes place each month.

Three warrants were executed under the drugs act and the theft act, a cash seizure of £2,300 was enforced and two cannabis warnings were made by the Redbridge community police team.

Officers also attended Ilford station, Cranbrook Road, with police dogs, arresting one person and giving another a cannabis warning.

Mobile phone shops were among other sites targeted. Officers went to 23, checking over 100 phones and recovering two stolen ones.

A crime prevention stall in High Road, Ilford, was visited by over 1,000 residents and there were eight presentations in schools on personal safety.

Det Supt Ellie O’Connor said she was “very pleased” at the day’s outcomes.