Redbridge Police defend appeals record after just seven pleas for help go online in five months

Not a single appeal was issued by police in May on their website despite almost 2,000 crimes being committed, leaving victims claiming they feel “let down”.

Of the 1,965 crimes recorded by Redbridge Police, seven were rapes, 205 burglaries and 377 incidents of violence against the person.

In the first five months of this year there were more than 10,000 crimes reported, but Redbridge Police issued just seven appeals for information on their website.

Last month two men dressed as police officers staked out a family’s home in Gants Hill before robbing Sheeba Kumar and her mother.

Mrs Kumar, 38, said: “I feel they have let me down, that’s it. It’s not how the public should be treated, we should feel secure but obviously we are not.”

An appeal for information about the three men who committed the offence was only issued by police after a request by the Recorder.

Mrs Kumar said: “It’s been six weeks and nothing has been done so far. Everyone keeps calling to see if there’s news, but nothing changes.”

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Last month Shopna Zaman, 37, had her car smashed into while it was parked in Longwood Gardens, Clayhall. She has been burgled three times.

She said: “They said if I get any information within six months to give them a call and they will reopen the case.

“They came out once when we were burgled and took fingerprints but we didn’t hear from them. I’m just another number.”

Michael Mather’s story made the national press after young men tried to burgle the 77-year-old’s house in Stradbroke Grove, Clayhall. One hit him with a log but he fought back.

He said: “It’s not very good really, I’m disappointed they didn’t catch them. I don’t want these young men to think they have got away with it and do it to someone else.”

Det Ch Insp Stewart Hill said officers made “every effort” to support victims of crime during investigations. He added appeals are made in many ways, including by making inquiries locally and through safer neighbourhood team follow-up visits.

He added: “My experienced detective sergeants will progress investigations by reviewing each crime and they will liaise with the media office when it is decided that a wider public appeal is suitable for an investigation.

“Officers will discuss an appeal with a victim prior to publication; however, some victims do not wish for police to release details and we respect their wishes.

“It is also important to point out that not every case requires a public appeal as an arrest may have already been made or we await forensics evidence.”