Redbridge Music Service concert-goers tell of ‘stomach-churning’ street fight

Postway Mews, Ilford. Picture: Google Street View

Postway Mews, Ilford. Picture: Google Street View - Credit: Archant

Concert-goers have spoken of a “stomach-churning” street fight in which a man was allegedly hit with a bottle.

Retired journalist Richard Knight, 60, and his special constable wife Edna, 52, both of Melbourne Road, Ilford, were leaving Redbridge Music Service’s concert last night, and had to hold a man back until police arrived to the chaos in Postway Mews, Ilford at about 9.30pm.

Police confirmed a man in his 50s suffered a facial injury and was taken to hospital for treatment.

“We were just coming out of the concert my son was playing in at the town hall,” said Richard.

“There were lots people shouting, but I grabbed one man and held him until the police came.

“The guy who was injured regained consciousness and was staggering around shortly after.”

Richard said there were at least 10 people trying to stop the fight.

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“It’s not good for my young one to see,” he said.

“It was really unfortunate because it was a nice evening and it was marred by the fight.”

He added: “It’s just one of those horrible stomach-churning incidents of violence which is part of city life.”

Another concert-goer said the brawl was “quite frightening”.

“It was good to see the community spirit in action though – a special mention must be made of the brave members of the public who held the man back until police came, preventing any further violence from souring the evening further,” he said.

A woman who also attended the “lovely” concert said she was shocked to see the police cars and commotion just around the corner.

“There were children with instruments and their parents watching what was happening,” she added.

Two people have been arrested on suspicion of assault.