Redbridge has highest number of burglary claims with Clayhall and Chadwell Heath not far behind

Clayhall and Chadwell Heath also made the top five areas for claims in the UK. Picture: John Stillwe

Clayhall and Chadwell Heath also made the top five areas for claims in the UK. Picture: John Stillwell - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Redbridge has the highest amount of burglary claims in the UK.

According to data analysed by in the last two years residents with an IG4 postcode made the most claims in the country.

However the news isn’t all bad, as the area’s overall claim rate has dropped by four per cent from 56.7 per 1,000 quotes last year, to 54.7 per 1,000.

A high number of burglaries were listed from Clayhall and Chadwell Heath and both areas were in the top five most claimed places.

At the bottom end of the spectrum, Monkseaton in North Tyneside and Bideford in Devon share the lowest rate in the UK, with 0.9 claims per 1,000 quotes.

Lynn Farrar, chairman of Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network, said burglary is devastating for many people and her volunteers work hard to help prevent people becoming victims.

“Most burglaries are opportunistic and many can be prevented - we recommend using the WIDE principle when securing your home,” she said.

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“Householders should ensure their home has Window locks, Interior lights left on a timer when you’re away, Double or dead bolts fitted on doors and Exterior lights with a sensor fitted outside your home.

“Taking these basic steps can offer 49 times more protection against burglary than homes without these measures.”

MoneySuperMarket analysed 1.8 million home insurance quotes run on its website to produce its analysis.

Kevin Pratt, consumer affairs expert at MoneySuperMarket, said burglars are interested in two things – where they should go to find goods worth stealing and where are they least likely to get caught.

“Our findings suggest busy urban areas are the biggest targets for theft, but those who call leafy suburbia home should also be aware of the risks associated with the higher anticipated value of their belongings,” he said.

“Burglary results in a double dose of trauma, with emotional and financial repercussions taking a long-term toll on those affected.

To avoid the turmoil, it’s vital to be vigilant and to bolster home security to prevent them in the first place – It’s also crucial to ensure you have contents insurance in place to cover you should the worst happen.”