Caught on camera: 6 wanted fly-tippers and litterbugs

Redbridge Council has released CCTV footage of six local fly-tippers

Redbridge Council has released CCTV footage of six local fly-tippers - Credit: Redbridge Council

Do you recognise these litterbugs? 

Local litterbugs dump waste on Redbridge streets

Local litterbugs dumping waste on Redbridge streets - Credit: Redbridge Council

All six offenders were caught on camera in April

All six offenders were caught on camera in April - Credit: Redbridge Council

The hunt is on to find fly-tippers caught on CCTV dumping their rubbish in Ilford and Seven Kings.

Redbridge Council has released CCTV footage featuring 6 culprits making a mess in the borough - as part of its monthly Redbridge Wall of Shame initiative.

CCTV clips posted to the council's Wall of Shame webpage show a woman dumping a baby bath, as well as other litterbugs leaving bags of waste on roads such as Ley Street, Henley Road and Dane Road. 

The fly-tippers were caught on camera in April.

Local tip-offs from previous Wall of Shame editions have led to a person being identified and issued with a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice for fly-tipping in Ilford.

Public help has also led to the council's enforcement team investigating graffiti in Hainault.

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Sarah Foster, the council’s operational director for Civic Pride, said: “Our Wall of Shame is already resulting in tip-offs from local people, and our recent successful fly-tipping court prosecutions have also stemmed from local witnesses coming forward and working with council enforcement teams to bring culprits to justice. 

"As a community we won’t put up with people making a mess in our borough.”

Those caught by the council thanks to the public's help include a serial fly-tipper in Redbridge, who following prosecution was handed a bill of £1,254 in fines and costs.

Two people from Deptford and Enfield, who dumped hundreds of kilos of rubbish in the borough, have also been prosecuted. 

To view footage of the six fly-tippers, visit

If you are able to identify any of the culprits caught on camera, contact Redbridge Council at

Residents can report any fly-tips they spot in the borough via this link.

Note: All fly tips made known to the council are recorded and investigated, with enforcement action being taken if evidence is found.