Redbridge enforcement officers crack down on anti-social behaviour around Ilford station

Harveil Toor with local residents

Harveil Toor with local residents - Credit: Archant

In the wake of 16 drug arrests made by police on Thursday, council officers held a Redbridge action day on Friday to focus on cracking down on other anti-social behaviour around Ilford town centre.

More than 20 enforcement officers, clad in high-vis jackets and all in communication via walkie-talkie, patrolled the neighbourhood around the station, keeping an eye out for any number of offences.

With them were several local councillors and representatives of a number of council departments.

Redbridge Council’s senior CCTV operator Dave Souza Smith was particularly proud of the role the town centre’s improved CCTV network had played in recent efforts to halt drug crime, but stressed it was not a cure-all.

He said: “There’s never going to be one thing that solves all of our problems. Installing CCTV cameras will only go so far - it’s when you combine it with good lighting and visible enforcement that you start to see people’s behaviour change.”

Among the issues enforcement officers dealt with on the day were untidy front gardens, scaffolding erected without permission and fly-tipping in alleyways around the station.

Cabinet member for civic pride, Cllr Ross Hatfull, was happy with the day’s work.

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He said: “Days like today are so important to show residents that we are using everything we have to prove we have heard what they are saying.

“We as a council are doing everything we can to make life better, not just for those residents of Ilford, but for the people who have to travel through Ilford regularly as well, we want them to feel safe and secure whenever they use the station.”

His words were backed up by Cllr Khayer Chowdhury, whose message was even more succinct.

He said: “It’s simple. If you come to Ilford and you sell drugs, act anti-socially or do anything else illegal then we will take you down.”